Project Description

Jeroen Boschplein (square) in Den Bosch

The city ‘s Hertogenbosch has been working
on upgrading this city of culture
in the south, to have it more internationally
on the map.
Part of the activity is the
the opening of the Jeroen Bosch Center
in the former St James’ Church where
an education center, conference Room,
library, restaurant and a 40 meter
high watchtower is located.
The square, is renamed the Jeroen
Boschplein after Dutch 15th century art-painter.
The focal point of the centre is a
water and smoke spitting artwork
by Ruudt Peters, inspired by the three –
hatch Garden of Earthly Delights by Jeroen Bosch,
around which basalt was provided.
To maintain the power of the artwork a hardening was
desired with a neutral appearance, which would completely integrate with the outdoor space.
Chosen was for an asphalt paving
with basalt as aggregate.
After polishing with the bulk basalt a contrast arises which
clearly distinguishes between path and
plants, and yet a peaceful,
neutral result appears.
The polished surface does not
only add an extra chic dimension to the
square. Wheelchair users experienced it very positive.
A clear difference with the loose material before.