AAC-Floors specializes in designing polished asphalt floors and elements. Through a unique combination of technology and creativity, we have invented a new use for an existing product. By abrading the top layer of the asphalt road there becomes a granite-like appearance. 

The power of AAC-Floors is, that we are the innovator of asphalt applications. We are able to design floors and elements to your specific needs.

Through various compositions and additions the most diverse designs can be made. For both indoor and outdoor applications. In case of an indoor floor you can think of, for example, a showroom, home, office or catering facility. But also for outdoor applications is polished asphalt a beautiful aesthetic addition to the streetscape, such as a city square, pond or walking area.

Beyond the aesthetic value of the product is polished asphalt also environmentally friendly, affordable and durable.

The applications of AAC-Floors are patented.


‘‘If you don’t like the road you’re walking on, start paving another one’ – Dolly Parton