Project Description

Artis Butterfly Garden: Polished mastic asphalt

Artis Zoo wanted a butterfly garden to accommodate approximately twenty thousand different types of butterflies. The architect was commissioned to design a garden where the visitors can walk between the butterflies and  butterfly metamorphosis in puppetry can
follow. The scientists needed a laboratory and for the visitors there had to be a catering section with clear view on the butterflies. On the optimal living conditions of the stages of life from caterpillar thru pop up butterfly had to be met. High humidity is required. High humidity close to the catering section is undesirable because bacterial and fungal growth. They were looking for a floor where bacteria and fungi have no chance. A closed asphalt pavement is a good solution, provided too compliance with the aesthetic appearance. In close consultation with the various parties we opted for a dark polished mastic asphalt with a variety of of color and size of the stone to the colorful effect of the wings of the butterflies.

The successful result is highly valued as shown by the interest outside the visiting hours for weddings and receptions, where the magical lighting up the rear gives an extra dimension.