Project Description

Disco in Rhenen: polished mastic asphalt
In a discotheque it is all about atmosphere.
Visitors expect in a nightclub
conviviality and good music. The decoration
and appearance is a strong
factor for the audience to decide where to go, being able to choose between
various entertainment options.
A nightclub owner in Bollee
Rhenen was looking for a floor that contributes
to the atmosphere but simultaneously satisfies
to the heavy demands on roughness
and hygiene. The floor must also be able to handle
the heavy loads
among other things like stilettos-heels.
In addition, he thought of the possibility
asphalt, but with a luxury
look appropriate for the entourage.
With the polished asphalt floor this completely
succeeded. The tight floor is after the
departure of the last guests in a
no time clean; a few buckets
water and a dry tow.